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The wealthiest 1% say that real wealth is created when your assets work for you - not the other way around. What if your values multiplied the same way - while your assets did too?

We researched electric vehicles and asset democratization as emerging markets for years. We concluded that the EV community would unite to amplify their emissions impact. When we first set out to understand how to connect EV owners, we discovered Turo - a car sharing app that allows vehicle owners to rent out their personal cars by the day. 

Renting Teslas on the Turo app gave us the ability to understand the needs and habits of Tesla owners. As we rented vehicles, we developed a reputation for always bringing cars back in better condition than when we picked them up. The reputation became a promise and that promise became an essential pilar in eCarra’s cultural foundation: to leave everything better than we found it. Since then, eCarra has completed over 3000 reservations - all with cars rented from owners like you.  Broaden your carbon neutrality footprint; amplify your emissions message: be an innovation multiplier - even when you can’t be in the driver’s seat.

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