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Welcome Christopher Residence! 

The Christopher has partnered with sustainable rides provider eCarra to help get you where you need to go!

click here to download eCarra and enjoy the elegance and sustainability of an all electric Tesla!

eCarra is an upscale, exclusive Tesla experience to and from any destination in DFW where trips are tailored to YOUR preferences. For about the same cost as Uber or Lyft: YOU control the mood through our exclusive MoodSelector - music, climate, conversation (or absence thereof!) - and stops en route to your destination
Every vehicle is operated by eCarra and our driver specialists are committed to making your life easier and leaving the world better than we found it - so we plant a tree for everyone that rides!

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Download the app now and create an account to see how your luxury ride experience leaves the world better than you found it! Use sign up code “Christopher” for special pricing and perks! Once you use the “Christopher” sign up code, you’ll never need to enter a promo code again!

If you have any issues please email us at or call 972.885.7554

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